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Be creative, there are many ceremonies, readings, prayers and poems to choose from. Choose an Interfaith, Traditional, Non-Denominational, or Civil Wedding Ceremony. I will work with you to create a custom wedding ceremony. South Florida is my home, I know all the best spots to get married. Call, text or email me for price and availability.

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Pick the wedding ceremony of your choice. 

  • Traditional -The traditional wedding ceremony is the most common ceremony.  It is non-denominational and is good for interfaith weddings. It makes a few references to God but is mostly about your love and relationship to each other.
  • Civil -A Civil Wedding ceremony is about love and relationships and has no religion at all. I  perform Civil ceremonies all the time. On the beach, in your backyard, at a location of your choice in South Florida.
  • Handfasting ceremony -Handfasting at one time was the only way couples could be engaged and/or get married because the church let the civil government of the period take care of these matters. The term itself comes from the custom of shaking hands over a contract. "Handfasting" refers to the hands being bound together with a cord as part of the ritual. This is where the terms "tie the knot" or "the ties that bind" come from.
  • Same-Sex wedding ceremony-Same-Sex marriage is finally legal in Florida. The ceremony is similar to an traditional ceremony, with some minor alterations. 
  • Vow Renewal-Sometimes the married couple needs a reminder of their vows and the reasons they originally got married. A Vow Renewal ceremony gives the marriage a fresh start.

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